Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 things to look forward in 2010 and other bits

2009 was great and as we are about to enter 2010 there are a few things to look forward to. musically, of course. let's discuss.

SXSW 2010 - march 17 - 21

my first trip in 2009 was the best week of my life. hands down. hoping for a repeat or at least as close to one as i can get this march. there's still time to make plans for you to go.

THE NATIONAL - new album, date and name TBD
the album has some HUGE shoes to fill as a follow up to Boxer, that album is on handfuls of "albums of the decade" list, including mine.

FRIGHTENED RABBIT - new album, march 9, "winter of mixed drinks"
they already released the first single and i heard it live this summer, it's great. the album's going to be more of the same, which is piles of awesome. hopefully they'll get some more recognition this time in the states.

THE APPLESEED CAST - new tour playing old songs, february and march
local heroes (of mine) are getting ready to hit the road in february and will be playing in full TWO of my favorite albums of all time, "low level owl: volume 1 and 2." if this was ten years ago i'd hope that someone with power would be in the room at one of those gigs. these days people of power don't exist, so i'll just wish them a successful tour and hope they sell a ton of merch to pay the bills.

JONSI BIRGISSON (Sigur Ros frontman) - new album, march 23, "go"
my icelandic hero jonsi is putting out a solo album. not sure how "solo" it will be, but i'm positive it will be remarkable. i'll starting lighting candles in hope of a tour.

ALBUM LEAF - new album, february 2, "a chorus of storytellers"
i'm amazed that these guys aren't household names yet. and live, they put on a special show. maybe we'll get a tour too.

LILITH FAIR festival - summer 2010
obviously not an album, but a tour, but it should be great. kansas city isn't on their agenda yet, but the line will be well worth the drive.

JJ - new album, march 9, name TBD
this obscure band shall be obscure no more! properly signed to a label and currently lining up things for a new release. this album will be a sxsw darling and probably make it impossible for me to see them in austin a week after the album is cut.

JJ to tour with XX - spring 2010
hipsters get in line! should be a great time. the pairing only happens 7 times. not sure if i'll make it to a show, but the musical smugness in that room makes me happy.

WHITE STRIPES Documentary, march, "great white northern lights"
jack white was in one of my favorite movies in 2009, "it might get loud". perhaps in 2010 he'll pull a repeat with their tour documentary. they played tiny towns in crazy small corners of the world. the movie should be awesome.

other bits:
VAMPIRE WEEKEND - new album, january 12, "contra"
ARCADE FIRE - new album, may release, name unknown
THE COLBERT REPORT - more musical bookings
THE HOLD STEADY - hinted at new album in 2010, not much else known
CAT POWER - chan marshall drops some hints of a new album in late 2010
FLEET FOXES - heard in an interview, should have something out in fall 2010
BAND OF HORSES - new album, date TBD, "night rainbows"
PETER GABRIEL - new album, feb. 15, "scratch my back"
JOHN BUTLER TRIO - new album, date TBD, "april uprising"

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