Thursday, December 3, 2009

ground rules for favorite albums of the year list

before we get into my favorite albums of 2009, an explanation of a few things.

here's my ranking system.

apoligize to me = bad
metal b*tch = metal's bad
wtf = superbad
ok = good
wow = really good
wow2 = near awesome
wow3 = so close
holy sh*t = awesome

i've used the same ranking system since 2005 with the only change being the addition of "wow3" ranking this year. there were several albums so close to being awesome, it needed it's own category. this system is more descriptive than thumbs ups/downs and who wants to grade an album with numbers. i hate math. and so do you.

a look at the numbers, i plowed through 353 albums this year. the goal was 350 but i miscounted initially. aim high. i know that sounds like a lot, but if your hard drive is big enough and you spend as much time in your car as i do, it's not that hard.

i only throw this number out there as i'm skeptical of most "best of" lists i see. unless you own a club, are a dj or get paid to write about music, for the most part i don't believe you. sorry.


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  1. My 30 albums of the past decade in no particular order:

    System of a Down (Toxicity)
    Tom Waits (Blood Money/Alice)
    The Decemberists (Picaresque)
    Dave Matthews (Some Devil)
    Ani DiFranco (Educated Guess)
    White Stripes (Elephant)
    Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend)
    Queens of the Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf)
    Beck (Guero)
    Ben Harper (Live from Mars)
    Bright Eyes (I'm wide awake, It's morning)
    MGMT (Oracular Spectacular)
    Pearl Jam (Riot Act)
    Flaming Lips (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)
    Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlanticism)
    Interpol (Turn on the bright lights)
    Tool (Lateralus)
    The Shins (Chutes Too Narrow)
    Nine Inch Nails (With Teeth)
    Zwan (Mary Star of the Sea)
    Foo Fighters (One by One)
    Keller Williams (Laugh)
    Sarah McLachan (Afterglow)
    Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros (Streetcore)
    Cake (Comfort Eagle)
    Iron & Wine (Our Endless Numbered Days)
    Weezer (The Green Album)
    Modest Mouse (Good News for People who Love Bad News)
    Radiohead (In Rainbows)
    Amy Whinehouse (Back to Black)

    Foreign Entry:
    Severa Nazarkhan (Yol Bolsin)