Tuesday, December 1, 2009

music week(s) are coming soon.

it's that time of the year. when all music freaks act like they know what you should be listening too. or at least that's what they think.

well, this music freak is no different.

in the coming week(s) i will knock out these lists:
- my 20 favorite albums of 2009
- my 20 favorite live shows of 2009
- my 30 favorite tracks of 2009
and strike up a drum roll that probably won't live up to the hype,
- my 30 favorite albums of the DECADE, yes this decade is ending.

please notice the word FAVORITE appears 4 times there. it never says BEST or anything so profound. this is what i like, and if you are in search of new tunes, you may like it too.

i have no idea if this blog will outlive those 4 posts.

we'll see.


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